Fortnightly conversations about running a business as a non-technical founder. Join Laura and Nathan as they navigate the developer-dominated world of entrepreneurship, bootstrapping and beyond.

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11. Educate to Elevate: Using Education as a Marketing Tool for Business Growth

This week, Nathan and Laura deep-dive into the topic of Education as Marketing. In the age of #buildinpublic, good old-fashioned marketing seems to have gone the way o...

10. Timing Your Success: When should you launch your new SaaS?

In this episode of the podcast, Laura and Nathan delve into the topic of launching a new SaaS (Software as a Service) and discuss important considerations around timin...

9. The Power of Email Automation: Insider Strategies for Growing Your Business with Brennan Dunn

Today’s episode is the first in our ask an expert series. This is a bit experimental but the idea is that for some episodes we will bring in experts on specific topics...

8. Cracking the Code: A Non-Tech Founder's Guide to Vet and Hire the Right Developer

Being a non-technical founder brings its own unique set of struggles. And one of the areas that we always seem to struggle with is hiring a good developer. Today Laura...

7. Side Hustle to Success: Building a Product Business in Your 'Spare Time'.

In today's episode Laura and Nathan discuss options for building a product business on the side.

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